‘Tis the season for agencies to deck the halls of their schools, libraries, and municipal buildings.

For most people, the holidays mean rummaging around in an attic and pulling the same Christmas decorations they’ve rescued from the dark, year after year, for the last decade. If you sell decorations, however, the approach of the holidays means your time has come.

A quick search in the GovSpend database shows that the government does the holidays a little differently. There’s a trend every year—right before the holidays—where agencies begin spending thousands of dollars on decorations. And, every year, the spike gets a little bit bigger.

This can only mean one thing: we’re spending more and more on holiday decorations each year.

Why is that? It that because we aren’t reusing the decorations that we used the previous year, or are our decorations expiring and becoming unusable?

Maybe agencies are trapped in a cycle of throwing away the older decorations—each year, another thing turns 20-years-old, it breaks, gets thrown away, and needs to be replaced. Maybe our holiday joy is driving us to be more festive each year, thus requiring more decorations to express this festivity. Or, with all the new-fangled technology and flashier decorations coming out, maybe the cost is just going up.

Whatever the reason, if you sell holiday decor, get ready to make a killing next year.

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