A Spike in Bulletproof Vests… But They’re Not for Cops

A new trend is starting in different counties across the nation. More counties are purchasing bulletproof vests. This wouldn’t be unusual but what’s odd is that they’re not for the police force, they’re for the EMT/EMS responders.

Why do EMTs need bulletproof vests? In theory, they are responding to a call for help regarding a medical emergency of some kind. However, In the last few years, EMTs have found themselves in situations that have put them at risk. Some of these calls are for assaults, overdoses, & attempted suicides, which can lead to a dangerous situation.

Despite the rise in risk, these men and women still put themselves in harms way without another thought. So, in an effort to protect these heroes, their counties and supervisors have started reaching out to vendors to acquire the appropriate protective gear to prepare them for whatever they may find at a scene.








I discovered this trend while searching through the GovSpend database of purchase orders. The spike began in January of 2016 and has continued to climb since then. This is the beginning of an opportunity for vendors aware of this information. With this lead vendors’ of bulletproof vests can approach the purchasing managers in different counties and make a pitch for their vests.

Businesses that have this information and understand what this spike can mean don’t have to wait for a Request for Proposal before they can try to make a sale. They can beat those other companies to the punch so that an agency doesn’t have to submit an RFP or search around for quotes.

This type of proactive research is found in GovSpend’s database, having access to it gives businesses an edge over their competitors. Be aware of new trends before the rest of your industry.

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