Routt County, CO — Each quarter, the GovSpend Procurement Award recognizes government agencies who go above and beyond to save time and money, while improving procurement as a whole, through the utilization of smart public purchasing solutions. The last award went to Monroe County, PA for saving $50,000. This time, the GovSpend Procurement Award goes to Routt County, CO for saving $6,500 on a single purchase of 30 HP computers — but this case goes far beyond just saving money.

Once a part of the Colorado Gold Rush, Routt County is now home to a different kind of boon: intelligent, data-driven public procurement. Just a few months ago, Julie Kennedy, Purchasing Agent at Routt County, and her team adopted the GovSpend platform to gain powerful new insight into pricing.

“It’s amazing to see the difference in pricing across the board. It’s all over the place.”

GovSpend is an online database used by government agencies to easily access detailed purchase order information for over 24,000 agencies across the U.S. The technology enables buyers to validate sole source claims, discover new local vendors, and get the best prices on products and services. Getting the best prices means better allocation of budget funds, and in turn, a more efficient government purchasing process that fosters strong, lasting relationships between agencies, like Routt County, and the vendors they buy from.

“The software paid for itself within the first 3 weeks of use.”

For Routt County, the greatest benefits of this software have come by way of IT procurement. With request for proposal (RFP) thresholds on the rise, agencies are choosing to go the route of the simpler request for quote (RFQ) process. Using GovQuote, a new web-based RFQ platform available to agencies and vendors at no charge, Kennedy and other Routt County agents have not only saved thousands of dollars for their organization, but they have also cut out hundreds of hours of time normally spent on preparing RFQs manually and contacting vendors through phone and email.

“GovQuote streamlines the RFQ process, enabling our departments to receive quotes quickly and easily.”

Government purchasing departments are welcoming fresh, new tools such as GovQuote that simplify their processes. Buyers create requests online, only the right vendors receive the requests, and the agencies get the best quotes available — all from a centralized, easy-to-use platform. This is made possible by innovative smart technology which enables agencies to quickly reach an ever-increasing pool of over 7,000 qualified vendors actively competing for government business. Other features include an intuitive chat system purchasers use to stay connected with suppliers and a fully automated Audit Record that tracks every transaction on the platform, keeping agencies 100% compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

While only 20% of the current government market is RFPs, Kennedy and her team at Routt County also have access to instant notifications that allow their agency to compare pricing on bids, and secure the best possible rates on purchases. Within the GovSpend application, buyers are able to carefully vet sellers through their company profiles. Utilizing a data-driven approach, they can also determine the most accurate costs for products and services, avoiding often inflated ballpark numbers. Routt County uses this particular data intelligence to determine the most cost-effective budget allocations.

“We have a responsibility as public servants to get the best price available.”

Smart tech solutions like GovSpend and GovQuote are bridging the gap between agencies, like Routt County, and vendors, as well as building trust between government and its citizens through fully transparent, accountable, and honest procurement practices.

GovSpend is an online database of government purchase orders from federal, state and local agencies. Government municipalities are provided access to the system to identify local vendors, evaluate pricing for best available rate, confirm vendor performance, validate sole source and find piggyback opportunities. In addition, this solution includes GovQuote, the first web-based digital platform to seamlessly connect government agencies and private companies on the largest and fastest request for quote (RFQ) marketplace. Agencies can request quotes in under 60 seconds, stay 100% compliant, and keep all their vendor quotes centralized.

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