With a database of historical purchase orders totaling in the trillions, GovSpend can be used to answer a variety of government spending questions. Most of the time, we spend our time talking about the practical uses, so you learn exactly how data can turn your GovSales strategy around. However, just for fun, we decided to answer a question that’s been burning for generations: What fast-food chain has the best burger?

Where does the government buy the majority of their burgers?

We dove into our records to find the answer. 

Much to our surprise, it wasn’t a landslide victory for McDonald’s. After searching a few keywords in GovSpend’s database, we discovered that the worldwide giant was surpassed by a corporation with locations in only 13 states. White Castle swooped in for second place, receiving over $500 thousand in government dollars.

This midwest chain has a unique edge because, unlike the others, several White Castle products—like burgers and sliders—can be purchased in grocery stores.

McDonald’s comes in third place, with 400 thousand government dollars, and Whataburger in fourth at $200 thousand. Five Guys and Wendy’s trailed behind with around 100 thousand dollars each.

Still, it comes at no surprise that Burger King reigns supreme, having earned a whopper-ing $700 thousand.

This information—and so much more—is readily available to search and analyze in GovSpend’s massive database… but you can do more than rate burger chains.

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