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About Us

We are a nationally recognized technology company that aggregates purchase order data from local, state, and federal government agencies to provide searching, reporting, and analysis capabilities. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is offered to both government vendors and government agencies on a subscription basis.

We do real-time search and analytics on over 700 million records from almost 15,000 data sources in a multi-terabyte index from a modern full-stack JavaScript single page web app.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality government purchasing data; powerful, easy-to-use analytic and reporting tools; and a nationwide information sharing platform to enable easier and more efficient government procurement.

Our Executive Team


Jeff Rubenstein


Jim Fenoglio

Director, People Operations

Kristen Richardson

VP, Federal Division

Jack Siney

Chief Commercial Officer

Adam Fehd

Director, Data Operations

Sarah Riley

VP, DevSecOps

Cengiz Ilerler

VP, Product Design

Carsten Dietz


Sam Greene

Director, Product Strategy & Government Relations

Joe Fish

Advisory Board

Kirk Buffington
Kirk BuffingtonCity of Ft. Lauderdale
Kirk has served as President of the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP), President of the Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officials (FAPPO) and was elected to the NIGP Board of Directors, Region VII. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University.
Ron Klein
Ron KleinFormer United States Congressman
Ron has served in the public and private sector as an elected official & attorney for over 30 years. He was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, Florida State Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives. He is currently an attorney with Holland & Knight’s Public Policy & Regulation Group.
Bill Hager
Bill HagerFlorida House of Representatives
In addition to his current role Bill has served in a variety of other public offices, including: Boca Raton City Council member & State of Iowa Insurance Commissioner. Rep. Hager was also President & CEO of NCCI – nation’s largest workers compensation corporation.
Tony Strianese
Tony StrianeseCity of Delray Beach
Chief Strianese is a seasoned law enforcement senior executive with over twenty years of progressive urban policing experience, fiscal management and a proven record of effective results-oriented leadership. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, 230th Session.
Al Lamberti
Al LambertiFormer Sheriff, Broward County
Sheriff Lamberti led the largest sheriff’s office in the United States until 2012. He was previously elected to the Board of Directors of the National Sheriffs Association. In 2012, Sheriff Lamberti was elected to serve as the Vice President of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association.
Tom Labombarda
Tom LabombardaAventura Police Department
Capt. Labombarda has 14 years of service with the Aventura (FL) Police Department. He is currently responsible for Communications, Fleet, Records, Personnel & Training. Tom has been active with the Department of Justice & National Institute of Justice for over 10 years.