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About Us

Our mission at GovSpend is to make buying and selling in the government marketplace easier & more efficient. We provide the most comprehensive, high-quality government purchasing data; powerful, easy-to-use analytic and reporting tools; and a nationwide information sharing platform to enable easier and more efficient government procurement.

We are a nationally recognized technology company that aggregates purchase order data from local, state and federal government agencies to provide searching, reporting and analysis capabilities. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is offered to both government vendors and government agencies on a subscription basis. 

We do real-time search and analytics on millions of records from thousands of data sources in a multi-terabyte index from a modern full-stack JavaScript single page web app.

Our Executive Team


Jeff Rubenstein


Jim Fenoglio

VP, People Operations

Kristen Richardson

VP, Federal Division

Jack Siney

Chief Commercial Officer

Adam Fehd

Director, Data Operations

Sarah Riley

VP, DevSecOps

Cengiz Ilerler

VP, Corporate Development

Joe Fish


Sam Greene


Bradley Scott