Market Research Software as a Service

We tailored our existing solution to OSDBU requirements before being awarded a contract – in one month. We delivered a solution more powerful and sophisticated than anyone  thought possible. We cut all the bleeding red ink and saved more than a few million dollars. We revised agency estimates of future deliverables from months to days.

We did all this for less than the agency’s estimated costs by 90%.

And it cost them less than 10% of what they had already paid without a working solution.

Agencies can access real-time spending information from 18 distinct federal data sources using one platform that’s integrating them into a single database for federal agencies and the federal industry sector to easily access.

Fedmine provides access and custom reporting capabilities to hundreds of users at the VA OSDBU. Fedmine has incorporated the market research report used by the VA staff into a template for users to follow a standardized process for vendor identification, market research and ultimately produce a downloaded report all from one location. In addition, Fedmine has provided development of dashboards, Goaling Reports, SAT Reports and created new custom reports by Region, VISN and Contracting Offices across the country.