DNA Testing

The very first DNA test used in a criminal investigation in the United States occurred in 1987 on a Florida rapist, Tommie Lee Andrews. Thanks to DNA testing, he was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The FBI didn’t start using DNA Testing until 1998, but it can be a very useful tool for government entities. Thousands of different cases have been cracked and many innocent people have been freed from jail or prison because of the use of DNA provided by the family.

Thanks to additional advancements in technology, law enforcement can now find criminals with even the smallest sample of DNA and UPS devices ensure that test results aren’t lost.


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

DNA tests are run in labs with DNA sequencers and PCR machines, but they take time and a lot of energy to run. There is also a real concern that, if the power to one of these machines is lost, that small sample will be lost. If there is only enough of a sample for one test, they can’t afford for the machine to fail.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices are so vital in these scenarios. These devices are hooked up to the machines that run the test and ensure that if the lab loses power the lab device does not.

While UPS devices are purchasable from many large online retailers, companies like Franek Technologies, Inc. are experts who work with businesses and agencies to make sure they get the devices they need, when they need them, without a lot of red tape getting in the way.

UPS devices can be hooked up to many other vital lab machines, such as when a chromatography machine is used to test a small chemical sample of gas. These machines can run the sample against a database to determine what chemicals were involved in a particular investigation. Even the FDA use these devices to protect their tests on Food and Drugs which are run to protect consumers from toxins and bacteria.

If the power to lab equipment is lost, not only is a sample at risk, but reagents that are used as part of the test are also wasted. This can cost the agency time and money if they have to run the test again.

Along with lab equipment, UPS devices can be used for everyday electronics to help prevent damage from power surges. Many businesses use them to protect their network devices, appliances, and other important electronics.

Using GovSpend

Franek Technologies Inc. is a small business that provides UPS devices to both state and federal agencies. They have been using GovSpend’s Historical Purchase data platform for four years to get an advantage over much bigger businesses.

“GovSpend’s data has allowed us to become competitive, we can look at pricing that was offered to agencies such as State of Hawaii, Center for Disease Control, & the National Institute of Health,” said Geraldine Miller, Owner of Franek Technologies, Inc.

Prior to GovSpend, they had a potential client choose a competitor over Franek simply because of a $150.00 shipping charge. Had Franek been aware of this at the time, they could have presented this potential client with a more competitive offer.

“I do love that GovSpend is easy to connect to when I’m traveling or working remotely, I just need an internet connection to login and I can send leads to my team for them to start jumping on,” said Miller.

The sales team at Franek can also run searches in the database for labs that have purchased UPS devices in the last three years. Typically, a UPS device will last anywhere from 3 – 7 years. By knowing when and where these devices are installed, she can approach the lab managers who will need the new devices before a bid is even published.

“I feel like with GovSpend I’ve added two people to my team via your support staff. They keep me accountable, so I don’t forget about the application and it keeps us on track.” Miller said.

GovSpend has really grown since Franek signed up for the application. Their customer service has gone a long way to impress Geraldine and her team. Customer service is important to Geraldine, who strives to ensure her own company is customer focused. When laboratories call Franek because they’re down, they can be reached right away to assist with whatever is happening, unlike bigger companies that might have a lot of red tape involved with getting a hold of someone.


About Franek Industries, Inc.

John Franek started the company over 30 years ago. Geraldine Miller was a systems management consultant for  Franek for over 14 years before she bought the company in 2016. Franek Technologies, Inc. Is the leader in Laboratory Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), Surge Protector aka Battery Backup Power. Franek truly understands the unique needs and concerns of laboratories who only get paid for completed tests and whose results rely on access to clean, uninterruptible power supply for their laboratory instruments. 

To learn more about Franek Industries, Inc., visit franek.com

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