See the top 10 agencies that buy your products

89,000 local, state and federal agencies spend $7 trillion each year. GovSpend’s online government spending search engine quickly reveals your top agencies, their pricing and your competitors.


How can you know which agencies buy your products and services?

You can quickly search GovSpend’s online database of over 300 million government purchase orders and see:

  • Which agencies buy your company’s products and services
  • When they buy them
  • Who they currently buy from
  • How much they pay

GovSpend is the only reliable way to see the 70% of government spending that does not go out to bid.

Just ask the government – they rely on GovSpend too.

Inc. - GovSpend’s data...allows businesses to search for the areas where their product is likely to be in highest demand.
Forbes - Cash-strapped government agencies could save a lot of money if they had access to a centralized database of relevant purchases by comrades in other locations
The Washingston Post - GovSpend gives our users the ability to see precisely how to competitively price and market their products and services.
Reuters - GovSpend operates as a searchable database of government procurement information, allowing users to find a whole range of past deals.

GovSpend has data from local, state, and federal agencies.

Purchase Orders
Line Items
Total Agencies
Key Contacts

Purchase Orders (POs) include all of the relevant details of a purchase: product descriptions, quantities, pricing, vendor profiles, agency information and much more. GovSpend makes all of those details easily searchable.

See the top 10 government agencies buying your products and services. Free!