Trying to Win Government Business?

You may be doing it all wrong.

If you are trying to win a portion of the $7 trillion spent each year by U.S. governmental agencies by responding to bids or request for proposals (RFPs), you’re missing out on an entire sector most people aren’t aware exists. Agencies utilize such things as GSA & State contracts, Co-ops, piggybacking, discretionary spending, p-cards, sole sourcing, and quote requests. On top of that, by the time an RFP is published the agency that posted it typically has a vendor in mind.

The 80% of spending that happens outside of the RFP process is typically awarded much quicker than the standard 3-9 month RFP process. So, how do you get a piece of that 80% and win government business? There is a way. Here are three steps to having more success selling to government agencies:

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10 Myths About Selling to the Government

Learn more about the common misconceptions about government sales.

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  • Why only 20% of government spending goes through a bid/RFP process.
  • How to identify and win a portion of the 80% of government spending not released for bid/RFP.
  • How to target your sales/marketing efforts to the agencies most likely to buy from your company.
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