As the COVID-19 crisis causes the U.S. economy to slow dramatically and also limits international opportunities due to the pandemic, American businesses are in desperate need of sales opportunities to remain solvent.

The U.S. unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been, hundreds of millions dollars in revenue has already been lost, and tens of thousands of companies are projected to go out-of-business.

Doing business with the 90,000 U.S. governmental agencies (federal, state & local) is one of the only viable market opportunities for companies to pursue.

U.S. governmental agencies will be one of the few organizations that will actually be spending MORE money in the coming months — with over $2 TRILLION in new federal spending already authorized (and that does not even include additional state & local expenditures).

What Can GovSpend Do For You?

GovSpend is making all of the following resources available to companies for FREE to help them win a portion of the enormous government COVID-19 spending package.


Online resource where government agencies are posting their RFQs, companies are submitting their quotes electrically, and agencies are completing awards in just a few days…..or sometimes just HOURS (literally).

Go to and register your company — it takes just 15 minutes. Once registered, you will receive RFQs pertinent to your business. These contracts are being awarded on a daily basis – for medical and non-medical items.

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COVID-19 Vendor Registry

Online Vendor Registry that allows companies with products/services specifically needed to address the COVID-19 crisis to partner directly with agencies in need of their products/services. This information will be distributed to agencies by GovSpend.

Companies can enter your complete contact information and all of the products/services you provide related to the COVID-19 crisis. GovSpend will confirm the registered companies are viable government contractors (based upon our purchase order database), and then provide the Vendor Registry to the government agencies in need of COVID-19 products/services.

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COVID-19 Bid Notifications

GovSpend is providing free access to all of the bid/RFP notifications in our system pertaining to COVID-19 supplies & services.

Click on the designated web-link above, enter your contact information, and you will immediately receive access to the COVID-19 bid/RFP notifications — and receive updates on a daily basis.

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GSU – How to Win Your First Government Contract

GovSales University is offering its set of videos on “how to win your first government sale” with a federal, state and/or local agency for free. Each of these videos is available online, on-demand in the GovSales University portal. You just need to set-up a username & password at

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These resources provide companies all of the necessary information they need to win business from the government, receive a portion of the government stimulus package, and (most importantly) remain in business. And they are all provided for FREE.

One recent example: A governmental agency posted an RFQ in GovQuote for 174 laptop computers on Thursday morning and awarded that contract to a computer hardware provider for over $154K within just 48 hours.

Request a FREE Demo

If your company is an experienced government contractor and/or you are looking for a competitive advantage when pursuing government contracts — you should request a free demo of the GovSpend purchase order database.