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What we do

Our company is changing the landscape of government sales. What does that mean? It’s simpler than it sounds. We want to make it easier for businesses to work with the government while helping our federal, state, local, and education leaders save money. We do that with our public spending search engine, GovSpend. (PS. It’s bigger than Wikipedia!)

With our SaaS, companies can search historical purchase orders and can see exactly who bought a product, for how much, and how often. Knowing this can make them more money selling to the government (the largest sales prospect in the world!). They also have access to other awesome tools, like access to our bids and RFPs platform, our contracts database, and contacts for agencies you want to work with.


Who we are

At GovSpend, our team is talented, innovative… and a little weird. What we do is unique, so we aspire to hire individuals with bold personalities and fresh ideas. Our company has #BigStartupEnergy. We’re technophiles & collaborators who look for every opportunity to learn something new, but most importantly, we maintain an open environment where our team members are encouraged to share their ideas and make a difference. Having a tech-savvy environment allowed us to transition into work-from-home with ease and we have amazing virtual resources and events for our employees. Proving this team collaborates to make our work environment the best it can be!

Ranked Top 50 Companies for Best Perks & Benefits in 2019.

Ranked #4 for Happiest Employees in 2019.

Ranked #19 for Best Leadership Teams in 2019.

Ranked #3 in Best CEOs for Diversity amongst small to mid-sized businesses.

Ranked as one of the Top 50 Companies for Work-Life Balance in 2019.

GovSpend is one of the highest-rated companies for work-life balance in 2018.

Ranked #13 by women as the Best CEOs in the U.S.

Featured as one of the top 50 small companies to win Best Places to Work in 2018.

Our Benefits

We are a friendly, unique, and results-driven team that enjoys our work-from-home culture too.

GovSpend is a fun, casual environment with a diverse group of awesome people you will enjoy becoming a work-family with. From virtual bingo, to monthly gifts, leadership training and water-cooler chats with the CEO, we stay up to date with technology and fun!


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