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Public Sector Strategy & Consulting

For financial institutions and consultants operating in the public sector, insight into your client’s procurement landscape and the opportunities in front of them is essential. With GovSpend’s spending intelligence for both the federal and SLED sectors, you have the market analysis tools you need to pinpoint potential new clients, nurture and delight existing ones, and build a reputation for strategies that win.


Whether you specialize in federal contracting or state & local procurement, GovSpend has public sector intelligence that helps you build your ideal customer base and retain their business. 

  • Build knowledge in the markets your customers operate in, including how their products are procured as well as the contracts and bids that were awarded to their competition
  • Help your customers grow their pipeline by identifying new opportunities and agencies within their core competency
  • Use existing procurement intelligence for Bid/No Bid decisions, pricing decisions, and to gain valuable market insights

Financial Institutions

GovSpend is a critical partner for financial institutions looking to capitalize on the trillions of tax dollars awarded to vendors and contractors each year. Our data platforms help you understand how much public sector business your target companies do, including historical spending, current contracts, and future opportunities to bid.

  • Pinpoint M&A targets based on their existing vehicles, backlog, contract wins, agency penetration, and more
  • Build your portfolio of companies with public sector business, with the ability to focus in on specific industries, regions, or contract amount
  • Find new customers using Fedmine’s First Timer’s report, which shows which contractors have recently won their first federal contract as well as the contract amount
  • See the subcontracts a federal contractor has won
  • Underwrite and audit companies against their public sector business using real-time data

APEX Accelerators

GovSpend believes in the APEX Accelerator mission to identify and help a wide range of businesses enter and participate in the government supply chain. We were founded under the same belief that all businesses should be able to participate in federal, state, and local government contracts.

With our procurement data at their fingertips, APEX Accelerators have the intelligence they need to meet their goals. 

  • Understand which companies in your region are doing business with state & local governments
  • Grow your client base and Monitor which companies have recently entered the federal space with Fedmine’s First Timer report
  • Nurture your relationships and track which of your partners are continuing to find success
  • Monitor spending trends within your local area
  • Provide resources to your small business clients
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