• Featured Video: "Schools Adopt ‘Equitable Grading’ Despite Pushback", September 15, 2023. FOX Business’ Lydia Hu joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss her reporting on the rise of ‘equitable grading’ in certain school districts in the US, which leveraged GovSpend's Agency purchasing data to identify school districts spending on those initiatives. View News Report

  • Featured report: "Banned in D.C. | Examining Government Approaches to Foreign Technology Threats" by Jack Corrigan, Sergio Fontanez, Michael Kratsios, October 2022 Between 2015 and 2021, at least 1,681 state and local governments purchased equipment and services tied to the five companies named in Section 889. Every state except Vermont had at least one state [...]

  • Featured article: "Exclusive: Sales Skyrocket for Phone Pouch Company as In-School Bans Spread" Business is booming at Yondr, a company that produces neoprene pouches to lock up students’ cellphones — a clear sign that the movement to keep phones out of classrooms is spreading across the U.S. Since 2021, the company has seen more than [...]

  • GovSpend Appoints Jeff Rubenstein as Chairman and CEO, Nate Haskins as President and COO GovSpend, the leading resource for organizations buying and selling in the government marketplace, today announced that the company's Board of Directors has appointed founder Jeff Rubenstein as Chairman, in addition to his duties as CEO. GovSpend also announces the appointment of [...]

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    Featured Article: 3M, Under Attack From White House, Pushes Back 3M Co. MMM -2.59% pushed back against criticism from President Trump of its work to get N95 masks to health-care workers in the U.S., intensifying conflict between the administration and U.S. manufacturers racing to meet urgent demand for medical equipment. Chief Executive Mike Roman said [...]

  • In a chaotic market for coronavirus masks, the feds are competition. Here's how they could help. ....Supply chain experts told USA TODAY that instead of competing with states, cities and agencies like Camacho’s, the federal government should have stepped in from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, designating a central purchasing authority to distribute supplies [...]

  • Featured Article: Small business owners worry they won’t survive coronavirus without federal loans, but experts say they have options .....While the PPP and EIDL loans are getting a lot of attention, there are other programs available that may be able to help small businesses. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced the Save Small Business Fund, [...]

  • Featured Article: How can businesses of all sizes sell to the government? The government has always been a purchasing powerhouse, forking over upwards of $7 trillion each year across the federal, state, and local levels. The pandemic has rapidly accelerated this trend, with this year’s spending on track to surpass $9 trillion because of the [...]

  • Featured Article: GovSpend Connects Businesses with Purchase Card-Equipped Agency Professionals Spending $20+ Billion a Day The U.S. government purchases a staggering number of products and services from companies across the country each year. On the federal level, more than 90,000 different agencies combine to spend over $4 trillion a year on products and services. Those numbers don’t [...]