About Us

In 2011, GovSpend’s founder was serving as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Delray Beach, FL. After purchasing defibrillators (AEDs) for his department, he discovered that a neighboring city had purchased the same defibrillators for a lower price. This revelation sparked the idea to create a data platform that would bring transparency to government purchasing. As a result, he and his partner founded GovSpend.

While initially focused on providing intelligence to government agencies, GovSpend quickly evolved to become an invaluable data source for both agencies and companies. Today, we continue to deliver innovative procurement intelligence, empowering buyers and sellers in the public sector to make data-informed decisions.

In 2021, GovSpend made the strategic decision to acquire Fedmine, a leading provider of federal government contracting intelligence. Founded in 2004 by a federal government contractor, Fedmine purpose-built an advanced data platform that would give contractors and agencies decision-quality information derived from seamlessly integrated federal contract data. The acquisition combined Fedmine’s powerful federal intelligence with GovSpend’s exclusive state and local procurement data, giving our customers a comprehensive view of spending across all levels of government.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike any other procurement data providers, GovSpend delivers intelligence on what federal, state, and local agencies are purchasing, who they are buying from, and the precise amounts they are paying. We help you identify the specific public entities that align with your company’s growth strategy, allowing you to shrewdly position yourself in the market.

At the heart of GovSpend’s uniqueness is our ability to showcase not only the 20% of opportunities that go out for bid but also the critical 80% that often remains hidden—such as p-card purchases, discretionary spend, co-ops/contracts, and more. We empower companies to adopt a proactive strategy with historical spending patterns and public meeting transcripts, enabling them to get ahead of bids and RFPs.

Join GovSpend to upgrade the way you approach government contracting—where transparency, data-driven insights, and proactive strategies converge for growth and success.

Our Executive Team

Nate Haskins
Nate HaskinsChief Executive Officer
Trip Colden
Trip ColdenChief Commercial Officer
Bradley Scott
Bradley ScottChief Product Officer
Stewart Day
Stewart DayChief Financial Officer
Adam Fehd
Adam FehdChief Revenue Officer
Kristen Richardson
Kristen RichardsonChief People Officer
Archisha Mehan
Archisha MehanHead of Federal, Public Sector
Marc DiGeronimo
Marc DiGeronimoDirector of Revenue Operations
David Sargeant
David SargeantDirector of Engineering
Octavio Diaz
Octavio DiazDirector of Data Management
Ron Bjornsson
Ron BjornssonDirector of Data Processing
Anne Halstead
Anne HalsteadDirector of Marketing