We are excited to announce GovSpend’s acquisition of Fedmine.

As part of our commitment to you, we are constantly expanding our government data coverage and capabilities. This acquisition brings 17 new data sources, all federally focused, to the GovSpend platform.

As a valued GovSpend customer who sells to the federal government, we want to offer you an early look at these new capabilities, as well as get your feedback and suggestions on the best ways to integrate this incredible data into our system.

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Forbes - Cash-strapped government agencies could save a lot of money if they had access to a centralized database of relevant purchases by comrades in other locations
The Washingston Post - GovSpend gives our users the ability to see precisely how to competitively price and market their products and services.
Reuters - GovSpend operates as a searchable database of government procurement information, allowing users to find a whole range of past deals.