Featured article: “Exclusive: Sales Skyrocket for Phone Pouch Company as In-School Bans Spread”

Business is booming at Yondr, a company that produces neoprene pouches to lock up students’ cellphones — a clear sign that the movement to keep phones out of classrooms is spreading across the U.S.

Since 2021, the company has seen more than a tenfold increase in sales from government contracts, primarily with school districts — from $174,000 to $2.13 million, according to GovSpend, a data service. The Holyoke, Massachusetts, and Akron, Ohio, districts are among those requiring all middle and high school students to slip their phones into the rubbery envelopes each morning and unlock them with a magnet at the end of the day… According to GovSpend, Yondr, a company that sells phone pouches to schools, has seen more than a 10-fold increase in revenues from government contracts since 2021.

“All signs point to 2024 being even busier,” said Sarah Leader, the company’s spokeswoman. With an estimated 2,000 schools using the pouches this year, the company has doubled in size to 80 employees to meet the demand.