AI Powered Transcripts of Public Sector Meetings

GovSpend’s game-changing new platform transcribes and indexes thousands of Agency meetings within hours of them happening, and delivers pre-RFP spending insight directly to your inbox, with the deep context you need to action it and win more public sector business.

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  • Find meeting results that matter to you with a simple search

  • Get a quick preview of the discussion and skip to the part that matters with one click

  • Save your searches and get notified in real time when new meetings are added that you need to see

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GovSpend collects data from U.S. local, state, and federal agencies.

Purchase Orders
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Purchase Orders (POs) include all of the relevant details of a purchase: product descriptions, quantities, pricing, vendor profiles, agency information and much more. GovSpend makes all of those details easily searchable.

Inc. - GovSpend’s data...allows businesses to search for the areas where their product is likely to be in highest demand.
Forbes - Cash-strapped government agencies could save a lot of money if they had access to a centralized database of relevant purchases by comrades in other locations
The Washingston Post - GovSpend gives our users the ability to see precisely how to competitively price and market their products and services.
Reuters - GovSpend operates as a searchable database of government procurement information, allowing users to find a whole range of past deals.