Many vendors trying to sell to the government scour the internet searching for open Bids and Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) that they can submit proposals to. While many agencies have their own sites to post their RFPs, there are also hundreds of sites aggregating them.

So what are the advantages of using GovSpend’s Bid Notification service? According to Mike Martino from CTC Inc., there are a few.

Lead Time

When searching many different sites for open Request-for-Proposals (RFPs), you need enough lead time to put together a winning proposal for submission.

“The great thing, bar none, is seeing first-hand bids as they hit the street, that will be due in a few weeks, so we have more lead time to put together a package,” – Mike Martino, CTC Inc.

Extending the lead time allows companies like Mike’s to have more time to look at the RFP. With more time to review and the tools in the GovSpend platform, companies can to do their research on not just the request itself, but also the agency making the request so they can decide if the RFP is a good fit for their business and do they want to spend resources responding to it. Lead time is a huge factor when trying to win RFPs.

Bid Volume

CTC Inc. has also found that GovSpend’s database of Bids is very extensive. They no longer need to monitor and check 5+ different websites to see what Bids are currently open. They can see that GovSpend has the majority of Bids on the market and provides a competitive advantage in business opportunity planning.

Mike’s company has only been using the system for a short time and they are already excited about the leads they’ve gathered so far from GovSpend. They have already begun to identify opportunities through GovSpend that they can act on.

One-Stop Shop

“GovSpend is a one-stop shop. It’s easy to login and search with our keywords and GovSpend accumulates the bids that we need” – Mike Martino, CTC, Inc. 

Besides having Bids, GovSpend gives users access to historical spending information, giving users insight into pricing data, agency profile info, contact information, and competitor sales. Using that information you can create a better, more informed Bid package when going after an RFP.

World-Class Support

While there are many Bid sites out there, GovSpend offers world-class support to help its users get the most out of the system. Support works directly with each company to ensure they’re receiving the type of Bids they are looking for while finding historical data to help you win.

Mike says the app has been easy for his teammates to utilize, and they were able to jump right in and start searching. Thanks to the support team at GovSpend, they’ve sharpened their skills and learned tips and tricks to get the most out of the data.

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