Engineered Data Products, LLC is an asset tracking company offering both hardware and software solutions. They were built with in-house development and perfected through customer feedback. Along the way, they discovered GovSpend and have been using both their Historical Purchasing data and their Bid Notification system for the last two years.

Using keywords such as “RFID” and “Asset Tracking,” they discovered opportunities within many different government entities. Once they’ve found all the open bids that fit their product, they can use GovSpend’s historical purchase data to create a competitive proposal.

GovSpend’s data has also helped them learn more about selling to the government and competitors in their industry. They’ve learned about government requirements for RFIDs that they weren’t previously aware of. This allowed them to update their bidding procedures to ensure no bids are lost due to compliance requirements.

Peck Sidara and his team have used the application to easily connect with the correct personnel within an agency to streamline the bidding process. In some cases, cities like the City of Fife in Washington state plan to publish a Request-For-Proposal (RFP) once they receive funding. By knowing this and building a rapport with them, Engineered Data Products, LLC can give themselves the upper hand when the time comes to submit a proposal.

The users at Engineered Data Products, LLC have found GovSpend’s interface and layout to be extremely user-friendly. Using the GovSpend app is intuitive and they are easily able to find the data they’re looking for without wasting too much time.

Engineered Data Products, LLC is a leader in the identification, tracking, and management industry using RFID and barcode technology. The Enasys asset tracking solution was built from the ground up based on customer feedback and is fully developed and supported in Broomfield, Colorado USA.

The Enasys solution is unique in that it provides the complete solution- hardware, software, installation, and support. Engineered Data Products, LLC offers hardware from RFID industry leaders such as Zebra, Impinj, Omni, Technology Solutions Limited and many more.

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