Today in tech, we hear about smartphones, smart vehicles, and smart homes, but have you heard of smart cities? Fybr, an internet of things company based out of St. Louis, Missouri has built an entire business around devices and software that helps cities operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Their end-to-end solution includes hardware devices that touch the physical world and software that processes the data those devices collect. This technology opens the doors for advancement that can create smart cities and universities. When partnered with GovSpend these advancements could soon be available to many more cities—making them safer and more resilient.

As flooding and water-related issues become much more prevalent, Fybr’s water solutions help cities monitor and take proactive steps to not only better understand the effects water levels have on communities, but also respond quicker—leading to reduced costs and improved safety measures that can save lives. Their water level sensors monitor river levels so that if and when a river’s water level rises, real-time information about the flooding of streets and city areas can be analyzed and allow citizens earlier and more accurate warnings.  This data can then be used to take the appropriate actions, such as earlier evacuations, thus preventing fatalities in the occurrence of a flash flood.

Other solutions assist with city management of assets such as parking spaces in lots and on streets. In many large cities, it is estimated that up to 30% of all traffic is caused by people looking for parking. By monitoring each parking space and then create the appropriate parking policies,  cities can optimize space turnover to ensure one or two spaces are available at all times. This step helps communities reduce traffic congestion caused by people circling looking for parking while saving drivers time and frustration.

Fybr works closely with the individual needs of each community so that the technology and software can continue to grow. Currently, their solution is deployed in 15 cities including universities while continually adding new customers. GovSpend provides a deep understanding of each city government, infrastructure, community needs, and city finances that allows Fybr not only to help more cities, but also grow as a business.

It is this unique understanding of cities that attracted Fybr to GovSpend.  Their data allows Fybr to be more strategic in their engagements with cities.  Fybr’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Willenbrink, has been thoroughly pleased with the data GovSpend provides and how quickly it has proven useful.

“It’s real government data that’s updated regularly, which is an asset that no other tool has been able to deliver.”

The users at Fybr were able to dive in with minimal training necessary. Just as Fybr’s city data makes it easier for communities to respond to real-world situations proactively, GovSpend’s current data allows Fybr to react in a meaningful and timely manner to the needs of cities. Its intuitiveness and support made the onboarding process instrumental in providing useful data quickly.


About Fybr “All Things Connected”

Fybr is a leading end-to-end IoT solutions provider, collecting and delivering data to advanced analytic tools to solve business and community-based issues, such as transportation, power, and water management, as well as safety and quality of life issues for customers worldwide. Fybr’s “ready to deploy” technology makes urban life easier for residents and visitors while making cities, universities and corporate campuses sager, more efficient, and sustainable.