The Past

Four years ago, Peter Coomaraswamy, CEO of Complete Book & Media Supply, discovered GovSpend at a tradeshow whose booth was next to his own. Initially, he doubted the representative’s claims about the extensive nature and detail of the data. However, when she pulled it up on the computer, he recognized immediately the powerful information contained in the database.

“I could see that other vendors weren’t necessarily giving the government competitive pricing,” says Peter.

Upon returning to the home office he purchased access to the GovSpend database for the appropriate number of users in his company. Selling to the Government is very competitive and GovSpend ended up paying for itself in about a month by helping close many deals in the first few weeks alone.


The Present

After 3 years of using the data and winning more business, was able to hire more sales reps whose sole focus was working with the GovSpend database to find new potential leads, accelerating through price checking to data mining and lead generation.

In just the last year, has seen a 5% growth in sales thanks to GovSpend’s data.’s primary focus is to locate potential customers and save them money on the purchase of the products they are looking for. By having some competitive intelligence it makes the sales cycle quicker and “softer” than without the GovSpend platform.


The Future

Now, is planning for the next year and how it will implement GovSpend in that plan. will be searching for new areas of business that the company can expand into.

“There may be some other products that are in our wheelhouse that we’ve never even considered selling to agencies,” Peter says. started with GovSpend when it was new, and as the application has grown and added new features and databases, the team has grown their company. “We will use the GovSpend platform as a major tool for growth in the next year”.  

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