PSST empowers K-12 systems and business throughout the United States with the seamless digital connection of their information systems and management software. Its integration and compliance solutions are designed to save time, money, and reduce errors so k-12 Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, and Benefit administrators can focus on what matters most. PSST’s solutions allow its clients to use their data when they need it and how they need it in a seamless process.

PSST’s business model includes developing partnerships with software providers and data systems. So, when the opportunity to work with the GovSpend application presented itself, PSST saw the advantages. After utilizing the application for a year the company has found several ways to use GovSpend’s data to improve its business.

Searching for Partners

PSST created customized searches in the application for finding its current partners. This allows PSST to find ways to integrate its products with its partners’ products. Knowing where it can assist partners with contracts gives both businesses leverage for closing sales.

Searching for Competitors

Running searches for competitors in the database allows PSST to be more competitive when it pursues contracts. By knowing exactly how much its competitors offered an agency, PSST can demonstrate its ability to save the agency time, giving it an edge for winning contracts.

Searching by Product

One way PSST finds potential clients is by searching for specific software or data systems. For example, PSST offers multiple solutions for Tyler Munis Finance management system. By finding the agencies that are already using Munis, PSST can create a strong list of already warm leads ready for a targeted pitch.

Many Searches, One Platform

GovSpend has been a valuable tool for PSST. Within a few months, PST was running multiple customized searches, as well as saving searches for grab-and-go data. PSST found having access to the data meant they could create more warm conversations with what it learned about its clients.

“GovSpend helped us to better target potential clients, which helps move us toward our sales goals,” said Matt Simons, PSST Business Development Director.

According to Matt, it was easy for PSST to create searches with the application and play with different filters to find what information would be most useful. Thus drilling down to find targeted results gave PSST more opportunities and power to win opportunities.


About PSST

PSST is a software and integration solutions firm that has been providing specialized seamless solutions for K-12 HR, Finance, Payroll, and Benefits administrators for nearly 30 years.