If you have student-athletes in your family, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Schutt Sports. But in case you haven’t, Schutt Sports is an American sporting goods company that develops protective football, baseball, and softball gear. Using the GovSpend database, Schutt Sports has been able to find new ways to sell their sports gear to school teams and collegiate teams. Rebecca Haworth, the Bid & Special Projects Manager, uses GovSpend to find leads for her company’s 60 person sales team. They use the data behind those leads to make comprehensive bids to prospective clients.

Track Data

Thanks to GovSpend, Rebecca’s team can track a school or team’s purchasing patterns and respond accordingly. For example, they are currently trying to land a very competitive reconditioning deal in North Carolina. GovSpend gives them an edge by making sure they have all the data they need to make a winning bid. The database gives them the ability to see exactly how much a prospect has spent in the past and on what. They can see the exact line items listed giving them a greater understanding of what the schools wants and needs are, so they can create a custom offer.

Digging Into Detail

One of the benefits Rebecca finds most useful with GovSpend’s purchase orders is the level of detail. Some purchase orders are itemized so well she can determine exactly which product model her customer has bought in a previous order. This can help her team target and customize a specific pitch to a client. They have on several occasions been able to upsell their clients into a better quality product because they were able to review the customer’s purchase history.

Rebecca had used one of GovSpend’s competitors in the hopes that they might have more usable data. She quickly found that competitor didn’t have the detailed purchase orders that make GovSpend’s database so unique and useful.

#1 In Technology

Schutt Sports focuses its sales pitch on the technology and research they put into their equipment. Safety and reduction of injury risk are two of the most important points of contention and focus in the locker room – for parents, coaches, and players alike. If a purchase order indicates that a team bought equipment from a competitor or that they bought a mid-level product, the Schutt Sports sales team knows that prospect can be targeted for upsell to a better, higher-end product.

Sales Team Lead Lists

With GovSpend’s newest features, the app is even more useful to your salespeople who are in the field trying to win the bids. Rebecca and one of her regional managers can find the leads and data they need and add them to a “Lead List”. This lead list can be accessed by remote sales reps, saving them precious time when they’re pursuing leads. Rather than stopping in the middle of a sale to call Rebecca and ask questions or request data, the sales team member can log into their list and see the data she has provided in real time.

Ease of Use

Rebecca has found the database easy to search and the process is similar to a Google search. Plus, the GovSpend support team is always available for a quick question or to walk through a more advanced feature. She even sat down with one of her sales reps to show them the data and they were blown away by everything they were able to find.

“I can email them and in an hour they will jump on to assist,” – Rebecca Haworth, the Bid & Special Projects Manager.

The way Schutt Sports leverages GovSpend is just one of many ways to use its historical spending data to create new business strategies. Take a sneak peek into the application’s data today and see how it can help your company grow.


Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world, including football helmets, shoulder pads, protective apparel and padding, and much more. 36% of the players in the NFL choose to wear Schutt helmets, including 50% of the skill position players in the league. Schutt Sports is the only major helmet manufacturer to advance beyond traditional foam padding, instead, using TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Cushioning, which has been proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet system on the field. Schutt Sports is also the Official Base Supplier to Major League Baseball and is the largest domestic maker of batters helmets in the USA.