Like many GovSpend customers, Adrienne with Virgilio & Associates, LTD., a structural engineering business, signed up for GovSpend looking to get ahead of bids to win more business. However, because GovSpend has hundreds of millions of purchasing records, she wasn’t sure where to start.

In-House Business Analysts

Our in-house Business Analysts stepped in to assist Adrienne with her search. They learned more about her company, what they did as structural engineers, and what their goals were. They then looked at how agencies were writing their purchase orders to find the commonalities that would lead to a strong keyword search. From this, they were able to develop searches that would bring in the data automatically.

After seeing the data GovSpend is able to provide, she hasn’t stopped raving about how wonderful the business analysts have been.

“If anyone you are working with in “structural engineering” wants to speak to a very happy customer – have them call me” – Adrienne.

From Keywords to Subcontracts

One trick that the GovSpend team utilized for Adrienne, was to search using keywords like “architect” and “architectural”. They were looking for companies that were already working with a lot of different agencies that Adrienne could then pursue as partners.

“Architects make it look good, and structural engineers make sure it stands.”

By pursuing these companies as partners, Adrienne is creating opportunities to be subcontracted into projects whenever the architects need a structural engineer.

Virgilio & Associates has been very productive with the data, reviewing it with GovSpend’s Business Analysts to see what’s working and not working. Now that they have the results from their searches, they can’t wait to start pursuing those leads, which according to Adrienne, “is the easy part”.

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