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Wow, what a year we’ve had at GovSpend! As I reflect back, I would sum up the value we’ve brought to customers in three main themes: improved insights and intelligence; customer empowerment; new and expanded content. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

Meeting Intelligence

Introduced in early 2023, our AI-powered meeting transcript module is a game changer and now includes meeting documents. Search across thousands of hours of public meetings to find pre-RFP insight and get ahead of planned government spending. We feel Meeting Intelligence has the power to give you an extra edge on your competition and we’re already cooking up exciting new enhancements for 2024! Read the latest release notes.

AI Keyword Suggestions

At the heels of launching Meeting Intelligence, we also released our first customer facing AI tool, AI keyword suggestions. We strive to make it easier for customers to build relevant searches quickly and this tool does just that. With the click of a button, receive and select keyword suggestions that immediately enrich your search results. Let our tool do the work for you so you can spend less time searching and more time taking action. Learn More.

K-12 Initiative

You spoke and we listened. After hearing how impactful our K-12 school district data is for many of our customers, we launched an initiative to expand and enhance coverage across all our product modules. Not only did we increase K-12 School District spending data and contact data, but we also now have comprehensive coverage for 91 of the top 100 districts by enrollment. Read our blog to learn more.

Enhanced Content

2023 saw some big numbers when it comes to expanded content across the GovSpend platform. Data is at the heart of our product and our teams have been laser focused on adding the highest value data for you. We kicked off numerous initiatives this year to improve comprehensiveness and quality of our data. Check out some of the highlights!

  • Increased coverage of agencies with active spending data from 24K to 31K
  • Expanded coverage of agencies with active contacts from 11K to 22K 
  • All time record of 650K active contracts in our product
  • Added new Meeting Intelligence module with 670K meetings across 7900 agencies 

A Look Ahead

We’re running full steam ahead and already gaining momentum on our 2024 roadmap! A main theme for us next year is enriching our data and customer experience with AI. Adding AI summaries across modules and providing industry classification for our spending data are just a couple of the powerful AI enhancements to come. In parallel, we plan to execute on core customer requests including enhanced alert customization, more streamlined CRM integration capabilities, and overall usability improvements. So much to look forward to in 2024!

Published On: December 28th, 2023Categories: GovSpend NewsTags: , , , ,

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