Right now, our home state of Florida is preparing for Hurricane Dorian. With every new update from the meteorologists, citizens are purchasing cases of water, buying batteries, and pulling shutters out. Floridians are canceling their Labor Day plans and instead are planning their hurricane parties to ride out the storm.

However, Florida’s citizens are not the only ones preparing for hurricane Dorian. The government is also preparing. They’re protecting the government buildings, preparing schools for potential closure, and stocking up on supplies they’ll need. Governor Ron DeSantis has already declared a state of emergency in Florida in preparation for the oncoming hurricane. This helps to unlock the necessary resources to assist the state’s bracing for and recovering from the hurricane. 

The government obviously spends money to prepare for hurricanes and to protect the buildings and cities that taxpayers have funded. However, they also have to spend that money rebuilding and restoring the damage of a hurricane. 

Hurricane Andrew was one of the strongest and most intense hurricanes to make landfall in Florida at a Category 5 in 1992. Andrew stripped many homes of all but their concrete foundations and caused $27.3 billion in damage. The damage caused by the storm and its subsequent flooding forever changed building regulations to ensure that the state would be more prepared for the next big hurricane. It was another 25 years before Hurricane Irma would become the state’s costliest hurricane at $64.8 billion in damage. Hurricane Katrina cost New Orleans $120.5 billion in federal spending, $75 billion of that went to emergency relief, before rebuilding even began. 

Hurricanes cost the government a tremendous amount when they blow through cities and states. Putting the initial spend into preparing for the hurricane can help save costs in repairs long after the hurricane has left. Vendors with access to GovSpend’s database can see when an agency last purchased supplies and building fortifications. This gives them the opportunity to approach those agencies before hurricane season even begins and to help them prepare while also landing government deals. 

Be prepared and stay safe when hurricane Dorian makes landfall.

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