This was a very exciting year for us at GovSpend as we introduced a unique but very powerful new module, Meeting Intelligence. While Govspend excels at providing actionable opportunities and insightful competitive intelligence to customers, it’s been a challenge to help customers get ahead of planned government spending. Meeting Intelligence is a step in that direction. By providing customers with hours of public meeting content, we serve up what agencies are talking about, often before action is taken, giving our customers an edge. Let’s walk through what Meeting Intelligence has to offer!

Meeting Transcripts:

At its core, Meeting Intelligence uses AI to transcribe public meetings across thousands of agencies. This creates a rich database of discussion and planning for customers to leverage for that pre-RFP insight that’s so hard to find. Search across meeting transcripts for relevant keywords and navigate directly to the segment in the transcript where your keyword is mentioned for quick and efficient analysis.

Meeting Documents: 

To compliment meeting transcripts, we recently added access to meeting documents like agendas and minutes. Not only do these documents supplement meetings with transcripts, but we also cover meetings that only provide documents, expanding our meeting content by 40K meetings and counting!

Enriched Search Capabilities:

As mentioned, the true power of Meeting Intelligence lies within its search and filtering capabilities. Quickly search for keywords or phrases across meeting documents and transcripts and review mention of your keyword with context included. Customize what meeting content you search across to focus only on documents, only on transcripts, or both. We surface the content most meaningful to you, so you spend less time searching and more time actioning.

Expanded Content:

Our meeting content grows every day and will continue to grow into the future, not just by new meetings, but across new agencies. We currently cover 632K meetings with transcripts and an additional 40K meetings with only documents across 7900 agencies. With the addition of document only meetings, we’ll be able to further increase coverage across hundreds of new agencies as we head into 2024!

We’re very excited to have this powerful new tool in the hands of our customers so they can start to get ahead of their competition. While we’re proud of what’s been accomplished in 2023, we’re already thinking ahead of what’s to come, with an eye towards further integration with AI. We’re exploring ways AI can enrich meeting content, as well as help connect mention of planned projects or spending in a transcript with actual Bids & RFP’s in our system. The opportunities are endless and we look forward to what’s next for this compelling new module!

About the Author: Kathryn Sanders

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