Think about the best conversations you’ve had with a sales rep or as a sales rep. Aside from variables like a particularly strong cup of coffee, a sunny morning, or a general personality click, they likely have one thing in common: knowledge about the business at hand.

It’s not surprising that a sales conversation is more productive and faster to show value when it’s clear that the sales rep has done their research and understands the business they’re selling to. The same goes when you’re selling to the government.

By combining historical spending data with agency contact info in your B2G market research, you can create a stronger pipeline of leads, find the right contacts to call, then quickly demonstrate expertise in your outreach.

Let’s say you’re a sales rep for an office supplies company that primarily focuses on K-12 schools in the Northeast. Using historical spending data for school districts in New York state, you discover that many of these districts are overpaying for binders they purchase from a large, well-established reseller. By narrowing your focus on these districts, you have built yourself a strong pipeline of new opportunities.

But a list of school districts isn’t actionable – you need contact information. Using the agency’s purchase orders alongside the right contact information, you can warm up your phone calls and emails with specific information that references or even shows via screenshot how much they recently spent on binders and quickly pique the interest of your prospect.

The GovSpend platform was built with this workflow in mind. Knowing that intelligence benefits all participants in the sales process, GovSpend aims to put procurement data in the hands of both buyers and sellers, enabling them to have smarter, more productive purchasing conversations.

Our Spending & POs search module provides 8+ years of purchasing data down to the line item and gives you the option to look at your search results by purchases, companies, agencies, or contacts. We pair this data with bids, contracts, AI-powered meeting transcripts, and more, giving you a well-rounded view of the B2G market.

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About the Author: GovSpend

Govspend’s vision is to be the leading trusted source of data, analytics, and insight for organizations buying and selling in the public sector marketplace. Our SLED and Federal solutions enable better decisions, cultivate colllaboration, and build a greater sense of community in the government procurement ecosystem.

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