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Federal Contracts Reach a Record $774.6B in FY 23

It is January 2024, a time for resolutions, and creating and implementing strategies both professionally and personally. I look forward to the first week of January as contract data includes the Defense contracts that are subjected to the 90-day ...

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Meeting Intelligence: December 2023

This was a very exciting year for us at GovSpend as we introduced a unique but very powerful new module, Meeting Intelligence. While Govspend excels at providing actionable opportunities and insightful competitive intelligence to customers, it’s been a challenge ...

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Federal Contracts Awarded under the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

In November 2021 the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA), or more commonly, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, a "once-in-a-generation investment in our nation's infrastructure and competitiveness" was passed. While investing in our country's infrastructure and communities, the act ...

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